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  • We at Cilantro strive to serve the most authentic and delicious Indian delicacies to you. What's also different is our angle on fresh flavors, superior customer service, and a BAR brimming with a wide array of Indian and global drinks galore!

    Cilantro's large banquet rooms and dining areas provide ample space for all your events, corporate meetings and parties. Our infamous ambiance gives you a taste of India before even being seated for your feast.

    Come enjoy India's fragrant flavors with warmth and love at Cilantro.

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      --1 1/2 lb skinless boneless chicken breast cut into 2 inch cubes
      --1 large onion minced
      --1 tb spoon minced garlic
      -- 1 tb spoon minced ginger
      -- 16 oz can tomato souce
      -- 3/4 cup heavy cream
      -- 3 string cilantro 
      -- 1 ts garam masala
      -- 2 ts salt
      -- 1 ts red chilli powder
      -- 1 ts tumaric powder
      -- 2 tbs vegetable oil
      -- 2 tbs butter for garnish 



      -- Marinate chicken in ginger garlic paste for 3 hours 

      -- Pre heat oven to 350 degrees

      -- In a skillet stir oil, onion, garlic, ginger until onion caramelizes 

      -- Add tomato sauce and rest spices

      -- Bring it to simmer then cover and let it cook on  med-low heat for 30 minutes 

      -- Bake marinated chicken cubes in preheated oven  for 15 minutes

      -- Add chicken to the sauce

      -- Add butter and keep it on stove for 5 minutes 

      -- Add cream and cilantro on top and serve

  • Where are we?

    Cilantro Indian Cuisine
    11009 N 56th Street
    Tampa, FL 33617.


    Lunch Buffet:11:30 AM - 2:30 PM (Tue-Fri)
     12:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Sat,Sun)

    Dinner:5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Tue-Sun)

    Closed on Mondays

    Please call us: 813-983-8220

    Our Location

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    This is our opportunity to give back to the community. We respect these organizations and will like to honor them with a little gratitude.

    if you don't see your organization listed please e-mail us at


    Please call us: 813-983-8220

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    To improve what we stand for, let us know about your experience at our fine restaurant.

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  • Appetizers

    Chiken $10 Goatt $10
    Seafood $10 Vegetarian   $0

    • A-2 Vegetable Pakora

      Seasonal Vegetables dipped in gram batter and golden fried
    • A-3 Ragada

      Spiced potato patties layered with split gram and herbs topped with yogurt, tamarind, and mint chutney
    • A-4 Gobi Manchurian

      Crispy cauliflower flowerets tossed with ginger, garlic, and sweet peppers in sweet & sour sauce
    • A-5 Chilli Paneer

      Stir-fried homemade cheese flavoured with ginger and garlic, tossed with sweet and chilli peppers
    • A-6 Chicken Lollypop

      Tangy chicken wings shaped as lollypops, tossed with chill garlic sauce
    • A-7 Chicken 65

      Crispy fried chunks of chicken served with pepper garlic sauce
    • A-8 Chilli Mushrooms

      Crisp button mushrooms tossed with chilli sauce
    • A-9 Chilli Chicken

      Crispy fried boneless chicken tossed with chilli sauce
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  • Soups and Sides

    • A1- Samosas $4.55

      A triangular pastry filled with lightly spiced potatoe%27s and green peas

  • Vegetarian Specialties

    • thrthr $23


    • thrthr $23


    • thrthrfgfgfdgfdg $23


  • Rice and Biryanis

    • R-1 Coconut Rice $6.95

      Aromatic basmati rice cooked with coconut and tossed with mustard seeds and roasted nut
    • R-2 Lemon Rice $6.95

      Aromatic basmati rice cooked with fresh lemons and tempered with roasted nuts and mustard seeds
    • R-3 Vegetable Biryani $10.95

      Melange of vegetables cooked with rice in a sealed pot
    • R-4 Goat Biryani $13.95

      Goat Cooked with fresh mint and aromatic basmati rice
    • R-5 Chicken Biryani $12/95

      Chicken cooked with fresh mint and aromatic basmati rice
    • R-7 Shrimp Biryani $14.95

      Shrimp cooked with flavourful basmati rice
  • Chicken Specialities

  • Lamb Specialities

  • TEST

    • test1 $12